This blog has covered elsewhere the allegations concerning the largest unresolved art theft of all time — the 1990 theft at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in which paintings and drawings worth more than $300 million were taken.

Now, on the 20th anniversary of the theft,  the New York Times reports that the

One of the most useful and invaluable tools for those persons and entities engaged in the business of fine art is the Art Loss Register (ALR).   The link is here:

The ALR provides an incredible array of services for almost anyone including those who have suffered a theft of artwork.  The ALR website states

On Nov. 23, The Providence Journal reported that the biggest art theft of all time—the heist of 13 works of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston—remains unresolved. The article notes that tips on the whereabouts of the stolen art include theories that the art may be hidden in secret passageways within the museum.