In recent news, it was reported by ArtNews that art dealer and author (I Bought Andy Warhol; I Sold Andy Warhol (Too Soon)) Richard Polsky, based in the San Francisco Bay area, launched Polsky’s Andy Warhol Art Authentication Service.  According to a press release, Polsky’s new art authentication service is “devoted solely to authenticating the work of Andy Warhol.”

As set forth on Polsky’s website, his evaluation requires the submission of a $2,500 fee in which his “decision is ultimately based on thirty-plus years of involvement with Warhol’s art.”  As for his qualifications, Polsky explains “[i]f you have spent your entire career immersed in an artist’s work, you develop a sixth sense about what is authentic and what is not.”

With the dissolution of the Warhol Foundation’s Art Authentication Board in early 2012, which was reportedly motivated in part by the Board’s desire to avoid lawsuits from art collectors who were dissatisfied with its judgments, Polsky observed that there was a real gap in the art market for the authentication of Warhol’s thousands of works and hence opened Polsky’s Andy Warhol Art Authentication Service.  As authenticity is at the core of purchasing a work of art, Polsky believed that it was important that someone qualified come forward to authenticate the work of Warhol.

For further information on Polsky’s Andy Warhol Art Authentication Service, click here.