In Part 2 of Skate’s Annual Art Investment Report for 2013, Skate’s Art Market Research reveals its Art Industry Scorecard 2013, a unique art industry rating created by Skate’s in 2012.  The companies selected for the recently developed rating participate in the art industry either through a significant part of their activities or have an art-related services department.  Skate’s rates the selected companies according to the following four criteria:  track record, global reach, visibility, and goodwill. 

As in 2012, Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Bonhams, dominate the top three spots, respectively, in the Art Industry Scorecard 2013 with companies Taschen, Dorotheum, MCH Group (Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, Art Basel Hong Kong), Getty Images, Phaidon, Reed Exhibitions (Reed Elsevier Group plc division); (FIAC, Paris Photo), and Gagosian Gallery, rounding out the remaining spots in the top 10.

This year’s Skate’s Annual Art Investment Report for 2013 – Part 2 includes new trends relating to e-commerce, auction houses, art dealers (galleries), and art and celebrities.  Part 2 also tracks art fairs activity in 2013 as well as art stocks in 2013 and in 2014 (year to date).  The Report concludes with Skate’s Art Industry Scorecard 2013 rating the selected 100 companies per Skate’s uniquely created methodology.