As reported in my previous post regarding the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there has been recent litigation over the Met’s “suggested” $25 admission fee, which many characterize as exorbitant and violative of the 1893 Act which permitted the museum to operate rent free under certain conditions including a primarily free admission policy.  In a recent ruling as reported by Bloomber News, Judge Kornreich declared that “[a]ctual access, provided in a way that ‘nudges’  visitors to donate, is not incompatible with the 1893 Act.”  Despite this victory for the Met, the case will go forward in connection with the claims that signage regarding the suggested fee is deceptive and misleading.

When I was younger the admission fee to the Met was $12, and I felt like it was more than just a suggested donation amount, but rather a required entry fee.  Back then I thought that $12 was exorbitant – $25 seems outrageous.  I wonder how many people actually pay the full $25 and how much revenue is generated from these fees.