The Philadelphia Antique Show will be held April 12th-15th  at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Center City, Philadelphia. Like last year’s event, this year the Philadelphia Antique Show, which has been celebrated for fifty-two (52) years, will include works of art through the mid-twentieth century. Katharine Eyre, the event’s chair, noted that “the combination of modern art and objects alongside exemplary antiques of the American home will attract an audience of serious art collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts, as well as invite returning patrons to experience this must-attend event.”  To be accurate – I guess the Philadelphia Antique Show should consider changing its name because for an object to be an “antique” it must be at least one hundred years old.  I have to chuckle because on a trip down South a few years back, my husband and I were traveling on a quiet road in Virginia dappled with artisans and antique shops when we saw a sign that read “Antiques Made Daily” – it still makes me laugh.

As part of this April event, the Pewter Collectors’ Club of America (PCCA) will present Pewter: The Philadelphia Story as the 2013 loan exhibit for the event. In conjunction with the PCCA display, on Saturday, April 13th from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Richard B. Benson, the current President of the PCCA, will present an illustrated lecture on the Business and Craftsmanship of colonial era Philadelphia pewterers. Additionally, on Sunday, April 14th from 1:00-2:00 p.m. acclaimed architect, Gil Schafer, will give a talk – The Great American House: Tradition for the Way We Live Now – in which he will describe how blending classical architecture, interior decoration, and landscape can create homes with a feeling of history. Further, on Monday, April 15th from 2:00-3:00 p.m. a panel of experts will explore developments in furniture and furnishings from the eighteenth through the mid-twentieth centuries. The panelists include – David Raizman (moderator), History of Modern Design, Drexel University Westphal School of Design; Regina Lee Blaszczyk, Professor of History and Chair in the History of Business and Society at the University of Leeds and author of The Color Revolution; Alexandra Kirtley, the Montgomery-Galvin Assoc. Curator of American Decorative Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art; and Thomas Savage, Director of Museum Affairs, Winterthur. In addition to the preview party festivities, which will be held Friday night, April 12th, the event will include a wine and cheese event for new collectors on Saturday evening, April 13th. Proceeds of the Philadelphia Antique Show will benefit the Department of Emergency Medicine and the Center for Resuscitation Science (CRS) at Penn Medicine.